link your laptop to the IC-7000 and run FT8

The IC-7000 is a popular all-mode HF/VHF/UHF transceiver from ICOM. FT8 is a digital mode that allows for weak signal communication over long distances. To link your laptop to the IC-7000 and run FT8, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Install WSJT-X software: Download and install the WSJT-X software on your laptop. WSJT-X is the primary software used for FT8 operation. You can download it from the official website ( Make sure to choose the appropriate version for your operating system.
  2. Acquire an audio interface: You will need an audio interface to connect your IC-7000 to your laptop. Many people use a USB audio interface, such as the SignaLink USB, or Digirig Mobile to handle audio input and output between the radio and the computer. Alternatively, you can use a simple audio cable, but you’ll need to make sure that it has the appropriate connectors for both your laptop and the IC-7000.
  3. Connect audio interface to the IC-7000 and laptop: Connect the audio interface to the IC-7000 using the appropriate cable. Typically, this involves connecting the audio input/output jacks on the back of the radio to the audio interface. Then, connect the audio interface to your laptop using the provided USB cable.
  4. Set up PTT control: To control the Push-To-Talk (PTT) function of the IC-7000 from your laptop, you can use either CAT (Computer-Aided Transceiver) control or a dedicated PTT cable. CAT control is usually preferred as it allows for more seamless operation with the WSJT-X software.

For CAT control, you’ll need a USB-to-serial adapter cable, such as the CI-V interface, which connects the radio’s CI-V port to your laptop’s USB port. Install the appropriate driver for the USB-to-serial adapter if needed.

  1. Configure WSJT-X: Open the WSJT-X software on your laptop, then go to “File” > “Settings” to access the settings menu. In the “General” tab, input your callsign and grid square.

Next, go to the “Radio” tab to configure the radio control settings. Select “ICOM” as the Rig, choose “IC-7000” as the Model, and set the appropriate serial port for your USB-to-serial adapter in the Port field. Set the Baud Rate, Data Bits, Stop Bits, and Handshake as specified in the IC-7000 manual or experiment with the settings until a stable connection is achieved.

Now, go to the “Audio” tab and select the correct input and output devices corresponding to your audio interface for the “Input” and “Output” fields.

  1. Test the setup: Once the configuration is complete, close the settings menu and return to the main WSJT-X window. You should see the waterfall display showing received signals if everything is set up correctly. Test the PTT function by clicking the “Tune” button in WSJT-X, which should put your IC-7000 into transmit mode.
  2. Operate FT8: Now that your setup is complete, you can start operating FT8 by selecting the appropriate band and frequency, and clicking “Enable TX” in the WSJT-X software.

Remember to follow proper operating procedures and etiquette, and ensure your transmission levels are adjusted correctly to avoid over-driving your radio and causing distortion.

Good luck with your FT8 operation using the IC-7000 and your laptop!

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