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Watch this video it is not as silly as you would initially think: WHAT HAM RADIO IS NOT

Guide for new licensees

Guide introduction and overview.
Practicals 1 – Setting Up Your Station
Practicals 2 – How to use an AMU or ATU
Practicals 3 – Making your first SSB contact
Practicals 4 – Adjusting antenna length to give lowest SWR
Practicals 5 – Making your first FM contact
Practicals 6 – Using modes other than voice

Basic technical skills for amateur radio operators:

RSGB: Useful practical skills videos – Slim Jim antenna
RSGB 2021 Online Convention presentation – Soldering: skills, ideas and tips
RSGB: Useful practical skills videos – simple Balun
RSGB: Useful practical skills videos – soldering a PL 259 to a cable
RSGB: Useful practical skills – tuning a dipole with a NanoVNA
RSGB: Useful practical skills videos – audio interface
RSGB: Useful practical skills videos – CAT control

Making an Anderson Power Pole Connector Wire
Learn to Solder Part 1: Soldering Equipment
Learn to Solder Part 2

The Smoking Ape – Ham Radio basics

Your First HT (Handy-Talky) Radio – HAM Radio
Coaxial Line Loss and SWR – HAM Radio
Solar Index and Propagation Made Easy – HF Ham Radio
What the Heck is a 5-9?
HF Antennas for Ham Radio
Beginner HF Radio – HAM Radio
DMR For Beginners – HAM Radio
Top 10 Websites for DMR HAM Radio
Which NanoVNA Should I buy?
NanoVNA-H4 Made Easy – HAM Radio
How to Program a Baofeng HAM Radio with Chirp
Buying a Power Supply for Ham Radio
Power Distribution Units for Ham Radio by MFJ
What the Heck is a Dipole Antenna?
Top 5 Mistakes New Hams Make
Top 5 Tips for New Ham Radio Operators (Beginners)
The Right way to Install Anderson Powerpoles
Where to Call CQ – Ham Radio

Ham radio Basics you need to know – Hayden VK7HH

Complete list of videos

The Beginner’s Guide to HAM Radio – Get Started


Understanding HF Propagation
BaoFeng Ham Radio from Noob to Skilled in 60 minutes
What is a Repeater in Ham Radio
7 Steps to Take After Getting Your First Ham Radio License
Understanding DMR Networks – Presentation
Antennas 101 / How does an antenna work
HF Ham Radio for Beginners. Best Practices, Etiquette, Terminology, and Lessons Learned – Livestream

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi:

Are you unsure of how to get started with the Pi? Do you know someone who just got a Raspberry Pi? If either of these are true, this video is designed specifically for you. It will walk you through every step from flashing the OS to the SD card, to installing Build a Pi, and configuring your radio for the most popular applications.

Linux tutorials 101

About Using your NanoVNA

NanoVNA is a handheld Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) with small outline, originally designed by edy555. It is a low cost yet high performance (at its price point) vector network analyzer (VNA), with LCD display, and can be powered from a 3.7V Li-ion battery.
As known by most hobbyists, NanoVNA has become the most popular VNA and antenna analyzer project in the community since its release in 2019.

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