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I must tell you, I’ve had the chance to use a variety of ham radio equipment an accessories, and I have a particular fondness for the innovative and high quality of MFJ products. However, one piece that has truly impressed me is the MFJ-1919EX antenna tripod. This robust tripod has become an essential part of my setup. Let me share my experiences and insights about this remarkable piece of equipment.

The MFJ-1919EX is not just an ordinary antenna tripod. It’s a sturdy, robust piece of equipment designed specifically for serious ham radio operations. The build quality is exceptional, and it’s clear that the manufacturers have put a lot of thought into its design and functionality.

One of the standout features of the MFJ-1919EX is its attached telescoping fiberglass mast. This mast can extend up to 18 feet (5.5 meters), providing ample height for any antenna setup. But it’s not just the height that impresses me – the mast can support up to 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) of antenna. This capacity has allowed me to experiment with a variety of antennas, all with the assurance that the MFJ-1919EX can handle the weight.

Stability is a crucial factor when setting up an antenna, and the MFJ-1919EX delivers in this aspect as well. The base of the tripod extends to a generous 693 inches squared, providing a stable platform for the antenna. This stability is particularly beneficial when operating in outdoor environments where wind and uneven terrain can pose challenges.

The design features of the MFJ-1919EX further enhance its usability. The tripod is equipped with quick clamps and a Military-grade QuickClamps™ system. These features not only contribute to the tripod’s durability but also make it incredibly easy to use. Adjusting the height and securing the mast is straightforward, thanks to these well-designed clamps.

Despite its robust design and sturdy build, the MFJ-1919EX is surprisingly lightweight and portable. Weighing in at just 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms), it’s easy to transport, making it an ideal choice for field operations. The mast can collapse to a compact 5 feet (1.5 meters), making it easy to store when not in use.

The versatility of the MFJ-1919EX is another feature that I find invaluable. It’s perfect for mounting various types of portable antennas, from loop antennas to VHF/UHF vertical antennas. This versatility makes it a handy tool for any ham radio operator, regardless of their preferred antenna type. As you will realise by now, I own quite a few pieces by MFJ, and hope to add the Octopus antenna system to my repertoire soon. This stand will be ideal for that use.

The stand is very sturdy on level ground, and opens to a very wide footprint, but will need some guying ropes on slopes or with heavy antennas mounted on it. The same goes for windy conditions.

The MFJ-1919EX is not just my personal favorite; it has received positive reviews from users on various platforms. On eHam.net, users have praised the sturdiness of the tripod and mast and the efficiency of the quick clamps. On DX Engineering, the product has a rating of 4.6 out of 5, with users appreciating the quick and easy setup of the tripod. On Amazon, the product has a rating of 3.9 out of 5. Users have praised the product’s durability and functionality, although some users have reported issues with broken plastics, which were immediately replaced by MFJ under their generous guarantee. I cannot agree that the instructions are incomplete. Sure, they are brief, but if you take the time to read all the instructions, it is perfectly clear how to assemble the antenna stand.

In conclusion, the MFJ-1919EX is a robust and reliable antenna tripod that offers excellent functionality and durability. Its sturdy build, ease of setup, and portability make it a popular choice among ham radio operators. The overall user feedback is positive, indicating that the MFJ-1919EX delivers on its promise of quality and performance. As a satisfied user, I can vouch for the MFJ-1919EX and recommend it to any ham radio operator looking for a reliable and versatile antenna tripod.

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