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In this digital age of amateur radio, many of us find our shacks brimming with more equipment than we have 12V power points for. Enter the MFJ-1124 – an affordable, versatile, and secure solution to this common problem.

The MFJ-1124 is a well-equipped DC Power Strip featuring six outlets designed for efficient power distribution across multiple devices. The first four outlets are compatible with PowerPole®, ensuring quick and reliable connections. The fifth and sixth outlets, on the other hand, are 35A high current binding posts, providing the versatility needed for high power applications.

One standout feature of the MFJ-1124 is the inclusion of 4 pairs of PowerPole® 35A contacts and 5 pre-installed fuses. The variety of fuses (one 1A, one 5A, two 10A, two 25A, and one 40A) provides a robust layer of protection for each outlet, giving you the peace of mind to power multiple devices simultaneously.

From the perspective of value, fellow users have lauded the MFJ-1124, often comparing it favorably to products from other brands like West Mountain. The power pole connectors and a DC power cable that come with the unit have been particularly appreciated, as these features are not always included with other power distribution units. The combination of binding posts and power pole connectors also offers a great deal of flexibility for various power needs.

There are also Chinese PowerPole power strips, but nothing with the MFJ-1124’s level of quality and output offerings. Comparatively, the Chinese versions are not nearly as good value for money as perceived at first glance. The MFJ-1124’s level of equipment makes it a very well-priced product. As of the time of writing, the MFJ-1124 is priced at $124.95 on the MFJ Enterprises website.

Despite its capabilities, the MFJ-1124 is compact in size. With dimensions of just 20.32cm Wide x 3.175cm High x 6.985cm Deep (8W x 1 1/4H x 2 3/4D inches), it can comfortably fit into any shack, making it an ideal choice for those of us who are conscious about space.

What I particularly enjoy about the MFJ-1124 is its customization potential. The use of screw studs for the internal cables means that they can be easily replaced or modified, allowing you to tailor the unit to your specific requirements and preferences.

This piece of equipment is built so that you have almost unending possibilities in mounting, having mounting holes around the base and a wide enough base to enable you to use a double-sided Velcro tape.

In summary, the MFJ-1124 is an affordable, versatile, and secure solution for managing multiple 12V power points in your shack. It’s been a game changer for me, and I believe it could be for you as well.

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