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As a devoted ham radio enthusiast and a long-time user of the TYT TH7800 dual-band mobile radio, I feel able to provide a comprehensive and balanced, review of this fantastic piece of equipment, including the important programming cable. Having experienced the TH7800’s performance, durability, and ease of use over the years, I can confidently say that this radio has been a valuable addition to my amateur radio setup.

Build Quality and Design

The TYT TH7800’s build quality is impressive, with a sturdy metal chassis that ensures durability and longevity. The radio has a compact design, which allows for easy installation in various mobile setups, such as in a car, truck, or even a recreational vehicle. Its front panel is detachable, providing flexibility in mounting and making it convenient for users with limited space.

Dual-Band and Dual Display

The TH7800 is a dual-band radio, operating on both the 2m (144-148MHz) and 70cm (430-450MHz) amateur radio bands. This versatility allows for communication with a wide range of other radios and access to numerous repeaters. The dual display is particularly helpful, as it enables monitoring of two different frequencies simultaneously. Users can also choose between three display colors (amber, blue, and green) to suit their preferences.

Ease of Programming

The TYT TH7800 comes with a programming cable that makes it a breeze to program the radio using a computer. The cable is of good quality, providing a reliable connection between the radio and the computer. The programming software, available for download from TYT’s website, is straightforward to use and supports Windows operating systems. With the programming cable, it’s easy to customize settings, manage memory channels, and set up frequency ranges for scanning.

Audio Quality and Power Output

The audio quality of the TH7800 is impressive, providing clear and loud sound during both transmission and reception. The built-in speaker is powerful enough for mobile environments, ensuring that you can hear your contacts even in noisy surroundings. The radio’s power output is adjustable, offering users the choice between 5W, 10W, and 50W for VHF and 5W, 10W, and 40W for UHF, which is sufficient for most amateur radio communication needs.

Additional Features

The TYT TH7800 has a range of valuable features, such as Automatic Repeater Shift (ARS), which simplifies repeater use by automatically selecting the correct frequency offset. The radio also supports Dual Watch, allowing users to monitor two channels at the same time. The built-in CTCSS/DCS encode and decode functionality ensures seamless communication with other radios that use these privacy tones. Lastly, the 800 memory channels provide ample space for storing your favorite frequencies.

Areas for Improvement

While I am mostly pleased with the TYT TH7800, if I must nitpick, there are a few areas where improvements could be made. The microphone’s build quality feels somewhat insubstantial compared to the radio’s body, and the buttons can be a bit unresponsive at times. Additionally, the programming software could benefit from a more user-friendly interface and support for more operating systems, such as macOS and Linux.


As a long-time user of the TYT TH7800, I can confidently say that this radio is an excellent choice for both new and experienced ham radio operators. Its robust build quality, dual-band capabilities, ease of programming, and powerful audio make it a reliable and versatile addition to any amateur radio setup. Despite a very few minor drawbacks, the overall value and performance of the TH7800 make it a radio worth considering for anyone looking to enhance their communication capabilities on the go.

In summary, the TYT TH7800 is a reliable, versatile, and user-friendly dual-band mobile radio that has served me well over the years. Its compact design, robust build quality, and range of features make it suitable for various mobile applications and users with different levels of experience. While there are a few small areas that could be improved, such as the microphone quality and programming software, the overall performance and value of the TH7800 far outweigh these minor drawbacks.

If you are in the market for a dual-band mobile radio that offers excellent performance, ease of use, and a wide range of features, I highly recommend considering the TYT TH7800 with a programming cable. Its blend of reliability, versatility, and user-friendliness make it an excellent choice for both amateur radio enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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