As of June 9, 2023, this article provides updated guidance for installing the OpenGD77 firmware on TYT MD-UV380 and Retevis RT-3S radios. The information here is based on the original instructions found on the OpenGD77 forum, and it is recommended that you refer to that source for more specific details. Always check the original forum thread for the most recent updates as the information may have changed since this publication.


Before starting the installation process, ensure that you have:

  1. The official firmware that works with your radio, in case you need to reinstall it. Radioddity provides the firmware for the UV380.
  2. The official firmware loader installed onto your PC, or the firmware update driver. This installs the Device Firmware Update (DFU) driver needed for the OpenGD77 CPS to upload firmware into the radio.
  3. A copy of the official firmware which works with your radio.

Firmware Installation

  1. Download the official MD9600 V5 firmware as the ‘donor’ from the provided link, as the CPU in the MD-UV380 is the same as in the MD9600. Extract the file named MD9600-CSV(2571V5)-V26.45.bin and save it where it will not get deleted.
  2. Download and install the latest OpenGD77CPS.
  3. Download the latest Alpha firmware version.
  4. Connect your radio to the computer via the programming cable. Turn the radio off, hold the button SK1 (button on side nearest the top of the radio) and the PTT button, then turn the radio on. The LED on the top of the radio should now flash Red/Green. In the Windows device manager, you should see a STM DFU device under the “Universal Serial Bus Controller” section.
  5. In the OpenGD77CPS, set the radio type to MD9600 / MD-UV380.
  6. From the Extras menu, select the MD9600 / MD-UV380 firmware loader.
  7. On the firmware loader screen, select the radio type as MD-UV-380.
  8. If you have not already selected the MD9600 ‘donor’ firmware, Press the “Select official firmware (donor) file” button and select the file you extracted from the MD9600 firmware package. Now press “Select Open firmware file & update”, select the OpenUV380 firmware, and the firmware installation process should start.
  9. After the firmware has installed, and you have rebooted the radio, the radio should show the normal OpenGD77 VFO screen. Note that the official codeplug used by the radio is not supported. You must make a new codeplug using the OpenGD77 CPS, or use an existing GD77 codeplug.
  10. Backup the Flash memory in your radio and save that file in a safe location. The official firmware will not run again on the radio unless you restore the Flash memory before reverting back to the official firmware.
  11. Upload codeplug from the OpenGD77 CPS into the radio; you can also upload Voice Prompts, Satellite data, and DMR IDs. After the codeplug is loaded, the radio should now be functional.

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